0DFD5C98-0E87-41FD-8AEC-C0669983FFB8natural wellness has always been a part of my life since i was a young child. i can remember my father giving me baking soda water for an upset stomach, and it worked in just minutes! motherhood brings many blessings, but can also bring many worries when it comes to health and wellness. the dreaded school germs is what had my worries at its worst (especially since i raise thumb suckers!)

after much research, contemplation, and prayer, i decided to go ahead and jump on the “essential oil bandwagon.” in case you’re not familiar with essential oils, they are the life blood of plants, which have an array of healing properties.

i truly believe these plants have been created for our benefit, as I have found countless benefits over the past three years we’ve been using them. they have helped our family’s overall well-being, including emotional, hormonal, and immune support.

we use young living essential oils, as they are therapeutic grade oils. young living has their own farms where plants are carefully harvested and oils are tested in third party labs. they also give  a seed to seal promise. i have peace of mind knowing i am supporting my family’s wellness from a company i can trust.

here i will be sharing simple recipes as well as other ways we’ve used oils. i’m always happy to answer any questions you may have, and i do recommend always doing your own research when making important decisions for your family’s health and wellness.


if you’re interested, you may purchase oils here:

i recommend choosing the premium starter kit as a wholesale member. this is a great way to familiarize yourself with the oils while receiving 24% off of all products. the starter kit includes 11 everyday oils, educational materials, and a diffuser. oils included are: lavender, lemon, frankincense, r.c. (eucalyptus), thieves (supports immunity), copaiba, peppermint, purification, stress away, panaway, and DiGize. as a member of young living, you will be part of a team where you receive support and resources from other oily members. it is a wonderful commmunity of people dedicated to supporting you on your wellness journey!



i am not a doctor. i am simply sharing ways our family has benefited from the use of essential oils and natural remedies. it is best to always do your own research when deciding what is best for your personal health and wellness.

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