A home, to me, is a place where we can just be. A space to learn and grow, establishing principles to live by, giving grace as it’s needed. A home gives a feeling of safety and security, rooting us, providing space to be ourselves, in our true essence.

In this world, it is all too easy to get off track, and out of touch with ourselves and our true nature. Amidst the noise and confusion we at times, forget who we are, what we stand for, and why we believe in the things we do. Taking time to just be, in our true essence, allows us to take back the things that make us who we are, refining these things as needed, always learning as we go. Giving ourselves the space and grace to adapt and change, whilst staying rooted in the principles and values we believe in, makes life so much more meaningful and fulfilling. Home is the perfect place to find this meaning and fulfillment, without having to fit any mold. A place to just be, and feel rooted.

Being rooted, denotes a safe space to fall back on, grounding us in the midst of storms and uncertainties, that are bound to come our way. Firm and strong roots are established through time, as each passing storm grounds us more deeply, pulling us closer to our core values, connecting us, as we learn & grow stronger together – through love, grace, kindness, self-sacrifice, and forgiveness. This past year has especially given us the time to be home together, time for connection, and time to be more in tune with ourselves, and our true essence. Human connection is of absolute necessity if we are to thrive, build trust, and flourish as families and individuals.

Our first home/s are where our roots are initially established. A child’s first home or homes, however many that may be, are the places filled with memories, the foundations that shaped us, and rooted us, giving us space to be in our true essence. These are the memories we return to and reach back to in times of distress and uncertainty. The way our caregivers navigated through hard times, is what we know. The skills we learned, or didn’t learn, are what we know and use, to make it through life’s ups and downs. At times, these learned skills may be sufficient in difficult times, while other times, reaching for a helping hand, or learning a new way of navigating through tough situations, may be necessary.

A home is a space where lasting memories are etched into our minds. In daily rhythms and routines, we create experiences that give a secure feeling of being rooted and grounded. In establishing a nourishing, nurturing home, each individual is allowed to freely be, in their true essence. What a gift, to just be. Giving space for ourselves and our children to live and move more freely, making choices and acting from a place of love.

Our “have to’s” become our “want to’s.” Grace and gratitude are expressed more readily as we act from a loving place, despite challenging circumstances that may come our way. Our house becomes a home, rooted in love, existing in our true essence.

I created a sort of blueprint for our home, reminding us to continue giving space for opportunities to grow, while creating experiences that allow for a nourishing, nurturing space. Wholesome activities in nature, gardening, crafting, cooking, reading, and quality time together help to fill our days with meaning. While it’s often easy to turn on a show or hand our kiddos an electronic device, I believe giving real life experiences is what they will cherish most, and keep stored in their memory banks.

Here are the questions I asked when creating our family blueprint:

What’s in a home?

What is being rooted?

What is the meaning of essence?

Take a moment to sit with your family and design your personal blueprint of what you’d like your home to look like. What would you be feeling, saying, and doing? Giving time to let each family member express what this would look like, simply through imagining what they would like home to be, helps fill in the gaps and avoid miscommunication ~ allowing all to work toward a common goal.

This is what I came up with for our fam: (whilst still a work in progress!)

Home ~ A soft place to land, filled with grace and love. A space to learn and grow, rooting us in love through everyday small moments, making lasting memories, to guide us through life’s storms.

Rooted ~ To be deeply and firmly established, denoting a feeling of being grounded, so that even through storms, we are sustained in safety and security.

Essence ~ The true nature, lifeblood, soul, or spirit of a thing. To be and exist without pretense. To feel whole.

Perhaps you could talk with your family, and create a simple blueprint of what you would like your home to look like, thinking about how it would feel, and what you would be saying, and doing. Every family has their own unique situation, and what works for you may not work for another. And, it may change over time. Simple, small actions each day, add up to the big things, becoming the most meaningful, lasting memories. A space to be in your true essence, allows for growth and the ability to reach your full potential.

I invite you to establish for yourself and your family, “What’s in a home?” “What does it mean to you to be rooted?” “What is your true essence?” Positive Parenting by Rebecca Eanes is an excellent resource in establishing family connection, where she also discusses the benefits in creating a family blueprint, helping to be more intentional throughout your mothering/parenting days.

Often as mothers, we can become depleted, feeling as though we’re doing the same mundane tasks day to day. I promise you though, taking a moment to evaluate how you would like your home to look, and then being more intentional in creating the home you envision, will provide greater meaning, along with lovely memories for you and your family.

I would love to hear what makes your house feel more like a home. Simply sharing our stories, can make a world of difference, especially to someone in the thick of it!

Motherhood can sure put us through it. Together, with love, support, and care, we all come out shining. Drop a comment below and let us know “What’s in a home” to you? What daily practices help you through those hard days? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and questions if you have any!

Best regards,



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