If nutrition is not optimal, efficient energy production is virtually impossible. Furthermore, most health complaints and disease result from energy deficiency. Poor food selection and dehydration comprise the number one reason why people have low energy levels during the day. Low energy production is one of the first warning signs that you’re slipping down the vitality scale.” – Dave Hompes Functional Nutrition & Medical Practitioner & Researcher

While we may often hear “you are what you eat,” nutritional science is finding more and more that “we are what we absorb.” This is also known as bioavailability. So, how can we possibly know what we absorb? The truth is, we don’t. However, we can increase the probability of nutrient absorption if we incorporate a daily variety of whole foods.

Life is busy, and it’s all to easy to grab something quick. Take out is a favorite here in our home, and we even have a specific day of the week to “dine out.” Living in Pittsburgh surely has us spoiled with all the incredible restaurants and amazing foods to choose from. The key here is to practice mindful eating when dining out. Sure it’s nice to indulge a bit, just so it’s not the everyday norm, since it can catch up to ya real quick!

In case you may have indulged a bit too much over the pandemic, as many of us have, Pittsburgh Juice Company has an amazing juice cleanse program, offering 4 programs of fresh pressed, organic juices. So whether you’re looking to detox, or you could use more energy to fuel your mind and body, a juice cleanse may be in order for you! These juices are highly nutritious, low in natural sugars, highly alkaline, and packed full of trace minerals. The BEST part is, these lovely bottles are delivered straight to your door!

So here’s a little info on cleansing, if this is something you’ve been considering. Juice cleansing is not for everyone, and you should absolutely check with your doctor if you are taking any medications, or have any current health conditions. Stressors of everyday life and build up of toxins in the body are a couple reasons you may consider juice cleansing. A juice cleanse is a perfect way to fuel your body with pure nutrients, that can quickly be absorbed, while giving your digestive system a break, allowing your body to heal and repair itself.

Best of all, increased energy, mental clarity, and an overall calm is one of my favorite benefits of cleansing. Think of your cells saying, “thank you, I needed that!” Keep in mind, staying hydrated while cleansing is key, so be sure to have lots of fresh water on hand. And, if binge watching Netflix is your thing, that’s not a bad idea either since you’ll want to chill out and lay low to better allow your body to rest while cleansing.

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The cleanse we chose was packed with a variety of nutrients. Brian and I couldn’t have been happier with our “drink the rainbow” cleanse from Pittsburgh Juice Company. We did a simple weekend cleanse. Immediately we felt improved mental clarity, and more calm and focused. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quick and easy cleanse!

Click here to schedule a juice cleanse consultation, and purchase a juice cleanse of choice from Pittsburgh Juice Company, or any juice and recieve 10% site wide when you use the code “WholeRootedJuice” :

I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend and stay well!



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