August 26, 2019

This post is sponsored by Organic Cotton Mart / Creators of  reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, premium organic cotton products

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zero waste living

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zero waste living

If you’re looking to save money, avoid toxins, and move toward a minimalist lifestyle, adding in organic cotton bags is a great way to start! This organic cotton mesh tote bag is perfect for grabbing a few groceries. Fresh whole foods not only provide our bodies with the best nutrients, but also help to reduce waste and minimize toxins by avoiding the extra packaging. Yesterday we made a quick run to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few things, and this bag made for a simple grab-and-go shopping experience. With two kiddos in tow, its a huge convenience.

I especially love the inside zipper pocket, which came as a surprise when my shipment came in! It’s the perfect little pocket for a phone and credit card. What mama doesn’t want less bags to carry?! I plan on taking this along on our next visit to the library and beach trip, too. It’s washable, durable, lightweight and helps maintain freshness of groceries.

Why would anyone want to incorporate zero-waste living? Think, LESS CLUTTER, LESS TOXINS, and LESS EXPENSIVE. We recently let go of plastic baggies and started using glass containers for lunches and leftovers, and we’ve noticed a huge difference in the flavor of foods. I love using these glass containers for smoothie prep, keeping foods fresh and making morning smoothies a breeze.

Zero-waste living can be difficult in this age of consumerism, but moving in a direction to reuse and recycle can make a big difference in creating a healthier environment. Here are simple ways our family has implemented zero waste living:

Tips for zero waste living:

  • take stainless steel refillable water bottles anytime you leave the house
  • donate clothing/other items to second-hand stores
  • purchase foods with minimal packaging
  • bring reusable bags to the store
  • avoid food waste with meal planning
  • plant a garden and start a backyard compost
  • wash clothes in cold water if you can
  • buy quality products to help consume less

What are some ways your family is implementing zero waste living? We hope you check out Organic Cotton Mart’s bags to reduce plastic use. They are fashionable and fun, making a great accessory for all seasons!

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