Mindful, balanced, minimal, clean, and decluttered spaces, create a feeling of calm, supporting mind-body balance. Our living spaces become more than simply a room, through intentionally designing a space, emulating our essence. I discussed a bit about our true essence a couple posts back, and ways our homes allow us to simply be, in our true essence, or nature. Sometimes, it’s all to easy feel off balance, especially those of us chasing around little ones and furry friends! (see our furry photo-bomber below)

So, what is mind-body balance? What is the essence of you? Being mindful, and intentional brings forth an awareness of your true essence. In creating a living space that creates a feeling of calmness within, we are then promoting mind-body balance, while allowing greater ability to feel at ease, and be in our true essence.

Our essence is what makes us unique, giving a sense of individuality, while still understanding we are all part of something greater than ourselves, in knowing that we all influence, and have been influenced by the essences of those around us. It has been said, we take on the nature of the 5 people we spend the most time with.

Mind-body balance is an understanding of the interconnection of the mind, body, and the environment we live in. It only makes sense then, to implement balance in our homes and living spaces, seeing how it plays in integral part in supporting our wellbeing, all the while reflecting our unique essence.

Our homes and living spaces give clues as to whether our mind and body is out of balance. I heard it first from a friend a long time ago, who told me if our spaces are cluttered, it’s likely our minds are, too.

I spent many months letting laundry pile up, and I always had this nagging feeling that something was undone -because it was. sometimes life gets chaotic and we have no choice but to let it go. However, when I make the time to prioritize and de-clutter my living space, my mind feels less cluttered too!

Start by writing out your personal goals, clearly and concisely. Take time out for yourself, Time with family and friends, and other enjoyable activities that feed your soul.

Speak to yourself kindly, with encouraging and empathetic words. Instead of saying words like “should” or “ought”, tell yourself “I am completing “ “ whatever the task may be. this sets you up for success, and forward moving action.

Tuning in and being aware of our thoughts, while intentionally speaking more positively and empathetically to ourselves will promote positive change.

Our minds, bodies, souls, and living spaces all intertwine. Intentionally caring for these things creates more harmony and balance, making for a happier, more peaceful home.

Here’s some simple ways you may lessen the mess with kiddos and our loving, furry friends (in our house it means daily sweeping):

• baskets, and more baskets – thrift stores & home goods have nice options to tuck away shoes, toys, and trinkets!

• create a chore list that works for your family, with age appropriate chores for kiddos (currently wes is learning to sweep, and niah unloads dishes)

• take breaks for fresh air, a cup of tea, or a little cat nap if you can.

• prioritize specific days and time blocks for your “must do’s” (a planner and/or chalkboard helps me!)

• add in fresh blooms, or greenery to purify the air, and brighten your mood.

• make time to freshen yourself up for the day (up to your shoes) turn on some tunes, and tackle whatever chores for the day. i like stretching in the morning, applying some of my favorite oils, and having some quiet time to set intentions, before we start our day.

Lastly, give yourself grace. Everyone one of us has different styles, circumstances, and things that bring us joy. Tune into you, and see what sparks joy for you!

I hope this gives a bit of direction in de-cluttering your space, to promote harmony and mind-body balance, and well-being, helping you to feel more whole.

Happy Friday, friends!


Laura xx

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