1. Bundle up and get outdoors | yes yes, it’s cold outside. yet it is so life-giving to get a breath of fresh air. even if for short bit! ice-skating seems to be a favorite for our fam this year. no you won’t get pneumonia, so long as you bundle up. this winter, we went as a family to visit dad’s work, on one of the iciest days here in the burg’ – steam fog coming off the rivers downtown and all. then we came home and quickly cozied up to get warm by the fire.

2. Cozy up and slow down | sipping a warm drink is a must here. i especially love warm lemon water to detox first thing in the morning, allowing for better absorption. most recently i started drinking it before my coffee, since i got out of the habit. most nights we have a cup of tea after dinner to aid digestion. since we’re not moving as often this season and eating lots of goodies, im sure we could all use a little extra digestive support. i especially love the golden light thai time of year to brighten things up inside!

3. Get crafty to beat the blues | the kids and i made beeswax candles with a sweet kit we were gifted. it helps with the continual pull toward screens. baking cookies, trying a new recipe, and a visit to a local library or coffee shop are fun too!

4. Remember to take your vitamins | this time of year its especially important to keep up with your supplements, as we all seem to indulge more around the holidays with lots of tasty foods and treats. not to mention the germs everyone seems to brings home. essential oils are our go to both in prevention, and aiding in any sickness.

5. Eat root veggies | i like keeping fresh ginger in the fridge this time of year to boost immunity and support digestion. garlic, radishes, sweet potatoes, and onions are a regular around here too. there’s a variety of simple, yummy ways to add them into your meals.

6. Take a relaxing detox bath | taking a time out to rest and relax for 15-30 minutes helps to relax the muscles, reduce inflammation, while flushing toxins from the body. light your favorite candle, add in a cup of epsom salt, and your favorite essential oils for a delightful reset.

7. Invite friends for a meal, or go out! | spending time with friends and loved ones is one of the best ways to boost your mood, and overall feelings of wellbeing. i love a good “old fashioned” with fresh sage, orange, and cherries too! nothing like a good laugh and a long sleep. which brings me to my next winter wellness tip: sleep.

8. Implement a relaxing bedtime routine | i get it, bedtime tends to be hectic, especially with littler ones and the running list of responsibilities we all have. once you slowly implement a more regular bedtime rhythm with each seasonal shift, you’ll feel the positive effects on the mind and body. i love a good book (if i have time) and cedarwood or lavender oil to promote restful sleep.

9. Be mindful of vitamin D levels | check your vitamin D levels to see whether you may be low. its often thought of as necessary for bone health, which is true. our immunity, energy, mood, and sleep are also regulated by vitamin D. in winter months it’s helpful to take a quality vitamin D supplement to stay well and feel your best.

10. Tune into you with a morning rhythm/routine | the way we start out in the morning sets the tone for the day. ideally i like waking up before kids so i can write, read, and get an idea of what i’d like the day to look like. eucalyptus oil is refreshing and i take a few deep breaths straight from the bottle or apply directly to my wrists, stretch, and write intentions for the day. seasons change and so do our needs as a family, so i make adjustments as necessary.

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