We’ve taken a short break from smoothies for a while here, since we prefer something warmer over the Winter. Slowly, we’re getting back to it, as we move into Spring, even though it’s snowing here today! The flip floppy weather can take its toll on our immunity, so I figured some fresh greens would help to support our kiddos (me too!). Smoothies are actually quite simple when you get familiar with it.

I like to start with a leafy green, small amount of fruit, avocado, and coconut or almond milk. I added in a little honey to this one, too. Lemon, grapefruit, or orange essential oil is a great addition for a tiny burst of flavor. Wes said it was “pretty good” and tasted like “a salad in a cup.” I’d have to agree, since this time I used mixed greens instead of spinach (always go with the spinach or baby kale). At least he drank some of it! And we’ve got salad already made for supper. I say supper, because I’m a tad old fashioned, and my Nana always said supper too! Tonight is leftover gluten free lasagna with a side salad. So, we’re getting in our share of greens for the day.

Ingredients for a simple green smoothie & the nourishing benefits:

  • 2 handfuls or so of spinach/kale/greens of choice – Wellness is spelled “leafy greens” when it comes to blood sugar balance, gut health, skin and hair, and so much more.
  • avocado – I add 1/4 or so of avocado to make it more creamy and to get the benefits of good fats to support balanced blood sugar, healthy skin, and to support brain health/function.
  • mango/fruit of choice – I add about 1/4 cup per serving of fruit. Mango is one of our favorites here. Banana is the perfect natural sweetener. I mix it up with various fruits, too. Variety is key in getting a balance of vitamins and minerals.
  • 2-3 drops of essential oils – Citrus fresh, lemon, grapefruit, lime, and orange are nice additions to a smoothie for a flavor burst, and immunity boost (grapefruit is helpful in liver detox, and any of the citrus oils are great in water for boosting immunity and overall wellness). We love Young Living and have been using it for 7 years to promote a strong immune system, and much more.
  • Optional add-ons – chia seeds, ground flax, protein powder, collagen powder, and really anything you’d like for an extra boost. (I avoid adding too much of anything – i mostly eyeball it and taste test to be sure the texture is to our liking)

I am always a work in progress on my smoothie making. I love it as a quick way to pack in so many good nutrients. Especially for mama brain fog, or if I’ve had a restless night.

Typically, we make them in the morning, to start off our day with a nutrient dense meal. Throughout the winter months, we tend to shift to oatmeal and add in lots of goodies. Today, I felt like I needed a boost this afternoon. So, I gathered what we had on hand and blended away. It’s the perfect way to avoid the 2 o’clock slump! Matcha tea is always a nice go to as well. And, for the tougher days, coffee or a 15 minute shut eye.

Tell me, what are some of your favorite smoothie blends? The flavor combos are endless, and we love getting creative in the kitchen! Here’s to bringing a healthy, happy Spring!

Best regards,


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