In the simple, daily practices we implement, based upon our individual lifestyle and constitution, we may create more balanced energy, and enjoyment by supporting our body’s natural ability to self-regulate. To feel a sese of vitality and wholeness, it is necessary to look at aspects of our life that may have brought us out of balance.

The way one person gains energy, may be the way another person feels drained or overwhelmed. As with hobbies and personal likes or dislikes, we all have different ways of refueling ourselves. Taking time to reflect on these things, helps us to become more attuned to our own personal needs, helping to create more balance. Some of us are introverted and need more time alone to recharge, while others are extroverted, enjoying more time in social situations.

Spending time in nature may benefit all of us by helping to regulate the body’s nervous system and circadian rhythms. Walking barefoot in the grass can help reduce inflammation and reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves. The neutralizing effect of earthing, or grounding helps to promote restful sleep and reduce stress and anxiety.

Herbal remedies and oils may also promote calming. Whether you enjoy a relaxing bath with epsom salts, or applying oils topically, there are various ways to benefit from the healing properties of oils like lavender, eucalyptus, sage, and others. Blending the oils together to make a roller ball blend is a simple way to apply oils. Adding them to a diffuser is another way to help create a calming environment, while ridding the air of impurities.

A study in ScioWire magazine showed the benefits of various oils to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

As a result of aromatherapy using lavender oil, the effect of lavender oil on stabilization and relaxation was confirmed compared with the results of previous studies in which beta waves in the frontal cortex increased and alpha waves in the temporal cortex were significantly increased. In the case of the scent stimulation with eucalyptus, the alpha wave activity of the cerebral cortex was significantly increased compared to the previous study in which the alpha wave of the parietal cortex increased. Olfactory stimulation with jasmine and clary sage oil resulted in significant increase in RA and RAHB in both hemispheres of the prefrontal cortex, which indicate brain stability 9 of 11 and relaxation, and peppermint oil significantly increased RAHB in the right prefrontal cortex. Based on the changes in EEG and systolic blood pressure analyzed in this study, olfactory stimulation with aroma oil is effective in reducing stress and in psychophysiological relaxation.”

Long days spent in front of screens takes its toll on our eyes, mood, and energy. Stepping outside is the simplest way to reset the mind and body. Here are some ways we like to help calm our nervous systems:

  • daily walking/stretching
  • stay hydrated (add in lemon to your water or natural herbs like basil or rosemary for an added boost)
  • lavender, lemon balm, and chamomile herbal tea help to promote calming to soothe mind & body
  • spend time in prayer and meditation to quiet the mind and promote healing
  • journal or talk it out with a professional or trusted friend

Hoping your week is off to a good start. Wishing you lots of calming, relaxation, and tuning into you.


Laura xx

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